Postnatal Care

We believe that gentle support and guidance during the vulnerable early weeks postnatal is vital for new families. The services offered varies, depending on the midwife’s practice.

Postnatal care

  • Breastfeeding guidance and support
  • Assessment of physical healing for mom
  • Discussion around family planning and contraception if needed
  • Processing/debriefing the birth experience
  • Routine newborn weight checks and feeding evaluations
  • Support and guidance around the challenges that can arise during the postnatal transition
  • Community resources for additional care as needed.

Breastfeeding usually goes smoothly, especially with our breastfeeding-friendly approach to birth and the immediate postnatal period. However, even with the very best of starts there can sometimes be challenges. Occasionally you and your baby need more specialist help and your midwife will assist you with a contact for professional Lactation Support.