Labour and Birth

Independent Midwife Care during Labour and Birth

Birth is truly one of life’s most remarkable events.It is the role of the Independent Midwife to ensure that you are as well prepared, both physically and emotionally. During the labour and birth of your baby, an Independent Midwife will provide loving support, grounded reassurance and professional clinical care.

Midwives promote the natural, physiologic flow of birth in many ways

  • An Independent Midwife is known to you
  • Support and involvement of fathers, partners, family, friends
  • Encouragement to eat and drink throughout labour
  • Freedom of movement and use of supportive props (birth ball, upright birth stool, etc)
  • Patience with the pace of labour
  • Choice of water labour and birth

Midwives monitor and ensure safety in the following ways

  • Careful antenatal screening and health education
  • Regular monitoring of mom’s vital signs and baby’s heart tones using a hand-held doppler
  • On-site emergency equipment and resuscitation equipment (for home births)
  • Excellent relationship with the back-up care providers

Midwives assist with bonding between mother and baby

  • Immediate skin to skin contact
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Early breastfeeding
  • Delayed routine newborn procedures

Midwives assist after the birth

  • Support with breastfeeding
  • Monitoring of both mom and baby’s wellbeing
  • Encouragement to eat and drink
  • A complete newborn physical and neurological exam (done by your side on the bed)
  • Any necessary repair to mom’s tissues (using local anesthetic)
  • Information about care for mom and baby in the first days
  • Home visits