Your Birth Choices

Each birth is a unique journey during which you are at your most powerful and yet most vulnerable. It is a significant life event that can impact upon you for the rest of your life. Because of this, it is important that you feel in control of you birth and have made decisions that were right for you. Throughout your pregnancy you will have worked closely with your midwife becoming informed and discussing your birthing desires. During labour and birth your midwife will then work with you to help you achieve a safe and satisfying birthing experience. Midwives in private practice will be your primary care provider and can assist you with a hospital, birth clinic or home birth.

Choosing where you will give birth is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Unless you have had a baby before, you might not be aware of your options for pregnancy and labour care. Where you decide to have your baby can have a significant impact on your entire birth experience. The type of care you have during pregnancy and birth is very important in ensuring you have choice and control over your baby’s birth. Occasionally despite all of your best intentions and efforts complications can occur. An Independent Midwife will empower you to make the appropriate choices should this happen without feeling any sense of failure. Our midwives want you to rejoice in your ability to safely birth your baby however they choose to arrive.

Hospital Birth

Your midwife will stay with you as a birth support and act as advocate to ensure that your birth choices are adhered to as far a possible. The continuity and reinforcement of information will ensure that you feel positive in even the most clinical of settings.

Birth Hospital/Clinics

Birth clinics have a philosophy that birth is a natural and normal event in a woman’s life. Clinics have a home-like environment, and are staffed by teams of midwives. They have strict criteria for eligibility; only low risk women are accepted.

Home Birth

Current research shows that a planned home birth is a safe choice for women with a normal risk pregnancy and is less likely to result in unnecessary medical intervention. If you choose to birth at home, your midwife will be with you throughout your labour. Your midwife will support and advise you on ways to assist progress and reduce discomfort, as well as monitoring the well being of you and your baby.

Water Birth

Independent Midwives are highly experienced in water births and this option is available depending on which hospital/clinic you use and you can choose a water birth at home. Some midwives offer birth pools available for hire.