Birth With a Midwife

Birth With a Midwife

Independent Midwives of South Africa

Birth with a Midwife

Pregnancy, labour and birth is a normal, healthy and life-giving event. We, as Independent Midwives recognise the rights of women to choose how and where they birth their babies. We believe that it is a fundamental right for all women and families, especially in a time where birth is becoming increasingly medically managed and a woman's birthing power is diminished. We offer a large range of services, which include pregnancy education and care, labour and birth preparation and care and postnatal care for yourself and baby.
About us
An independent midwife is a medically trained professional specialising in normal pregnancy, childbirth and care up to six week after the birth of a baby. In South Africa all independent midwives have a nursing background and...
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Birth with a Midwife
A midwife is an expert who deals with normal pregnancy and birth and the healthy new-born infant up to six weeks after birth. The modern midwife has a medical background in nursing and midwifery and...
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Meet the Midwives
How do you choose an Independent Midwife? One of the most important aspects is that you feel you can 'connect' with the midwife. You may want to contact a few of the midwives prior to...
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Independent Midwife? The term midwife means ‘with woman’. Independent Midwives act as partners to women throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the early postnatal period, providing individualised education, advice and support. Midwives advocate measures...
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Birthing with a Midwife

Birthing with a Midwife
"Respecting the parents as the primary decision makers for their birth and postnatal care is a value we hold close to our heart."
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We believe that birth matters and that a shared experience of the journey of birth strengthens individual mothers, fathers and babies and the bonds between them. It is our experience that birth works when labouring mothers are comfortable in their surroundings, cared for by those attending them, have freedom of movement and eat and drink as they wish. We are committed to applying the midwifery model of care and our collective resources to achieving the best outcomes for all mothers and babies.

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